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chanel cc logo earrings swarovski crystals

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I acquired a shoulder bag from somewhere years ago and have no idea whether it's genuine or not. It looks like many I see on-line, and may't actually inform. It has no Chanel stamp, but it has a stamped leather label on the within that says CHANEL Made in France. The color of the printing is gold and the label is black. There isn't any quantity or coin attached to the zipper. The only thing I find totally different from luggage on-line is that the CC can also be on the bottom of the bag. I don't see that on any others on-line. Is it possible that this bag is so previous that they did not stamp on the bag and didn't even quantity them? Is it potential they stopped putting the brand on the underside of the bag? I want to sell the bag, however I have to know if it's authentic. Any advice? If you'd like to see a photos, I can ship them. Thank you for any assist you may give me.

PARIS (AP) — Karl Lagerfeld, the enduring couturier whose designs at Chanel and Fendi had an unprecedented affect on all the fashion trade, died Tuesday in Paris, prompting an outpouring of love and admiration for the person whose career spanned six many years. Be born in a fashion country, Italy, Gucci has followed the style attribute. Now Gucci is the most important vogue group in Italy, and its baggage actually run forward in luggage world. Gucci baggage are famous for its luxurious, horny and excessive-grade function. And Gucci bags have been the favourites within the excessive society as a result of Gucci is symbol of wealth and standing.

In February 1955 (therefore its title), the primary Chanel signature handbag, the 2.fifty five, was launched. It was inspired by childhood recollections and her life story. The quilted sample of the calfskin leather is a reference to the home windows in the abbey at Aubazine which she attended when she was at the convent, the rectangular clasp, generally known as the Mademoiselle clasp, refers to her selection never to marry.