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The complete historical past of French perfumery is concentrated in these two syllables, Guer-lain. From the Second Empire by way of to the Belle Epoque, the Roaring Twenties and the postwar period, five generations of perfumers have taken the succession in the Guerlain family, founded by Pierre François Pascal. Ever because the first boutique was opened in Paris, in 1828, the company has gone on increasing its line of perfume for males. At this time, it has seven unique boutiques in Paris, with equally unique outlets in Milan, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Po wczorajszym wpisie @ pinkquartz również postanowiłam pokazać swoją kolekcję. Kilka z zapachów jest „na wylocie”, kilka planuję niedługo kupić, a z kolei część flakonów mam w domu rodzinnym, więc nie ma ich na zdjęciu (Ange ou Demon Givenchy, Lalique Perles, Lalique Amethyst, Guerlain LPRN Eau Fraiche). Niemniej wydaje mi się, że to co obecnie mam zdecydowanie wystarcza mi na wszystkie możliwe okazje i pasuje do większości nastrojów. Oczywiście, skrycie marzę kolekcji około 100 wyjątkowych flakonów, ale i na to może przyjdzie kiedyś pora.

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While in Monte Carlo throughout the 1931 season, Chanel met Hollywood film mogul, Samuel Goldwyn. She and Goldwyn entered into a business agreement and Chanel would come twice a yr to Hollywood to design costumes for the MGM stars. She was paid a million dollars which in 21st century valuation would be approximately $seventy five million.

eBay is now offering a brand new service for sellers of high-finish handbags. Today the corporate launched eBay Authenticate , a program that photographs, lists, sells, ships and verifies the authenticity of luxury handbags from 12 main brands. eBay says the purpose is to provide would-be buyers with more confidence within the objects they're about to throw down a lot of money for.